been sick a few days

thanks for all the follows once I feel better I will be posting more




sometimes no matter how big the do not disturb sign is on the door they are going to be knocking.  No I am not in a hotel or motel I am home and working on my things when there is always someone needing me to do something.  Sometimes you just have to scream leave me alone but then you think about it and say do I really want to do that?  it could be me tomorrow needing something from them….

Mondays are the best

When raining and nothing happening it is always a good day to either plan out a project, finish a project and or sell a project.  So, today I am going to be working on finishing my ideas of bibs and start stock piling them as well… one day I am going to actually sell the things that I am making and that would be better so I can stock up on more materials to make more things.  I have to find a place to sell this stuff because the things that I am doing is NOT working


I am looking for a way to sell the things that I am making and have made and the sites that I am on are no help at all….I cant afford sites that charge arm and a leg so if anyone knows where I can go to sell the things please let me know